4. Delivery of Recovered Data and Support

Recovery data are transferred to any storage medium of your choice (internal HDD, external HDD, Flash Memory, etc). We only ask that the storage medium provided by you to be empty (no previous data). A storage medium can be purchased from us.

If the data recovery process is successful we will deliver your recovered data by currier free of charge. Recoverd data can be also transfered back to you at our headquarters in Bucharest. Offering free transport for the recovered data, we hope that you will be satisfied with the Python Data Recovery services and come back anytime you will be in difficulty.

  1. Consulting and Evaluation
  2. Diagnostic
  3. Data Recovery
  4. Delivery of Recovered Data and Support

Free diagnostic in 24 hours - No data, no charge

When you realise that a storage drive / unit is
malfunctioning or defective
first data recovery bulletCut the electric power immediately
data recovery bulletDo not restart the computer
data recovery bulletDo not install or reinstall software applications
data recovery bulletDo not hit, shake and do not dissasemble or clean the storage units
data recovery bulletDo not try to dry the wet units
data recovery bulletDo not power or to try to othervise intervene on the units
block bottom

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