Data Recovery Steps

The data recovery is the process by witch the information is extracted from malfunction storage drives/devices.

When the files were accidentally deleted, when the data storage unit cannot be accessed, or when you hear unusual noises it is recommended to ask for specialized/qualified support as soon as possible.
Please do not try to recover the data yourselves if you don't have the qualifications and the necessary equipment.

There are four main steps for data recovery:

  1. Consulting and Evaluation
  2. Diagnostic
  3. Data Recovery
  4. Delivery of recovered data and Support

Free diagnostic in 24 hours - No data, no charge

When you realise that a storage drive / unit is
malfunctioning or defective
first data recovery bulletCut the electric power immediately
data recovery bulletDo not restart the computer
data recovery bulletDo not install or reinstall software applications
data recovery bulletDo not hit, shake and do not dissasemble or clean the storage units
data recovery bulletDo not try to dry the wet units
data recovery bulletDo not power or to try to othervise intervene on the units
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