“No Data, no Charge” - you will pay only if we recover your data.

Prices estimations:


  • In 24 hours (detailed diagnosis): FREE
  • Within 2 hours (preliminary diagnosis): 10 euros
  • Within 4 hours (detailed diagnosis): 25 euros

Data Recovery

Hard Disks (HDD):

  • Logical defects: from 50 to 150 euro
  • Electrical defects: from 50 to 200 euro
  • Firmware: from 50 to 200 euro
  • Mechanical defects: from 150 to 350 euro
  • RAID matrices: starting from 150 euro/hard disk

Memory cards (Flash Drive, SD Card, Multimedia Card, Memory Stick Pro Duo):

  • Logical defects: from 25 to 50 euro
  • Physical defects: from 50 to 200 euro

SSD (solid state drive):

  • Logical defects: from 100 euro
  • Physical defects: from 150 euro

For emergency processing, i.e. diagnostic in 2 hours, data recovery in 72 hours, there is a one-time, non-refundable fee of 50 euro.
For hard disks already processed by others, as the recovery may be more difficult, we reserve the right to increase the prices up to 50%.

The Total price is composed by Diagnostics + Data Recovery

The final price is dependent on complexity of the operations performed and the working time spent for recovery. The prices are for your information only, an exact quote can be provided only after diagnostic.

The price is NOT dependent on:

  • data volume / size;
  • the hard disk brand or make;
  • the physical size of hard disk (e.g. 2,5″, 3,5″ ).

VAT and other taxes (that may required by the law) are not included.

There may be volume discounts upon an agreement signing, or frequent customers discounts.

Free diagnostic in 24 hours - No data, no charge

When you realise that a storage drive / unit is
malfunctioning or defective
first data recovery bulletCut the electric power immediately
data recovery bulletDo not restart the computer
data recovery bulletDo not install or reinstall software applications
data recovery bulletDo not hit, shake and do not dissasemble or clean the storage units
data recovery bulletDo not try to dry the wet units
data recovery bulletDo not power or to try to othervise intervene on the units
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