Începând cu 1 ianuarie 2018, companiile Python Systems și QUARTZ Data Recovery au încheiat un parteneriat cu scopul de a-și uni eforturile pentru a oferire servicii premium de recuperare a datelor la prețuri competitive.

De la începutul anului, companiile și-au extins dotările tehnice, baza de piese de schimb, cunoștințele tehnice și au implementat aceasi grila de preturi.

Ca urmare a încheierii parteneriatului, serviciile de diagnosticare, evaluare și recuperare a datelor se desfășoară exclusiv în laboratorul de la sediul QUARTZ Data Recovery din str. Ghe. Țițeica Nr. 142. Primirea suporturilor de date defecte dar și recepționarea datelor recuperate se poate efectua atât la sediul Python Systems Com din str. Vladoianu nr. 48, cât și la sediul QUARTZ Data Recovery din str. Gheorghe Țițeica.

Useful Tips

Best practices to avoid data loss

  1. Do not upgrade your operating system or applications without having a verified backup.
  2. Use updated hardware and software for data security, such as firewall and antivirus.
  3. Scan for viruses all data entering your computer, including software packages.
  4. Use ventilation and / or air conditioning to keep servers running at an optimal temperature.
  5. Connect your computer to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to protect against power outages.
  6. Turn off the computer and take great care when moving it.
  7. Avoid discharges of static electricity when touching or when handling the media, especially when you are in dry environments.
  8. Train your users to stop the computers immediately if the computers star making unusual sounds.
  9. Establish structured backup procedures, using software compatible with the operating system, to back up all files that contain important data.
  10. Hold at least one verified copy of your important data in a different location than where you work.

When a disaster happens with the / your HDD

  • If possible, make a back-up data immediately.
  • If the system make unusual sounds, do not use any software, functions such as ScanDisk, CHKDSK, fsck. Their purpose is to solve problems with the file system and can worsen the situation. Warning: These operating systems run automatically at reboot function if it detects errors.
  • Do not power devices with problems or witch make unusual noises.
  • Do not attempt data recovery on heavily damaged units. Using diagnostic tools can cause permanent damage to the data contained on the storage units.
  • Configure another computer / server to temporarily replace the problematic device, restore the backups available on the new drive and reconfigure it as appropriate to begin productive work.
  • Do not use dedicated software for data recovery process. Used incorrectly, they will rewrite the important information that you want recovered. Most times these applications increase the damage
  • Do not subject your hard drive to extreme temperatures (do not freeze it), the problem will worsen and will make things more difficult for the data recovery technicians
  • Never drop, hit or sudden the hard drive. Chances are that the platter surface will get scratched.
  • Do not remove the hard drive top cover. This operation can be done only in a dust free environment with a adequate temperature and humidity.
  • We offer the fastest response time from 24-48 hours, and our data recovery consultants are available to assist you in any issue.

Backup Strategies

  • Invest in redundant backup systems.
  • Periodically test backups to verify that your data, databases, and important files are safe.

Free diagnostic in 24 hours - No data, no charge

When you realise that a storage drive / unit is
malfunctioning or defective
first data recovery bulletCut the electric power immediately
data recovery bulletDo not restart the computer
data recovery bulletDo not install or reinstall software applications
data recovery bulletDo not hit, shake and do not dissasemble or clean the storage units
data recovery bulletDo not try to dry the wet units
data recovery bulletDo not power or to try to othervise intervene on the units
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